Sunday, March 11, 2012

EOTD - Dior Rosy Tan + NOTD Estee Lauder Metallic Sage

 Hi Guys

Yep, I've been off the bandwagon somewhat.  I've got a good excuse this time.  I've actually been having quite a few health problems.  They are serious but not life threatening so no need to panic (OR IS THERE)?  No, sorry, just being a bit funny.  I'm still having tests and seeing specialists and what have you so I will be a bit post-lite for the next few weeks.

I know from most of my EOTDs my eyes look very "done" ie heavy.  I actually prefer heavy eye makeup and I feel it is a bit of a signature look for me.  However, if I am feeling a bit lazeeee or just want to be low key, I don't wear tons of dark colours.  For example, here is one I did a few weeks ago with a neutral eye palette - Dior Rosy Tan.  I like this palette but I feel there are about 100,000 other palettes similar to this at about half the price.  Still, I like to use this palette when I am feeling very low key.  It is fairly idiot proof and  would look good on most people.

Dior Rosy Tan - no flash - indirect sunlight
Here is tis on the eyes....

Yep - just black liner on the waterline, brown line underneath and with a thickish coat of mascara.

This picture is filling me with some sentiment at the moment because I have discovered I have damaged my eyes with overuse of contact lenses!! If anyone wears coloured contacts like me, please be sure to wear them for short periods only.  I now have to wear glasses all the time and this is not only uncomfortable physically but I just feel incredibly nerdy wearing them.  On the plus side, I do look brainier.  I am still seeing a specialist about my eyes (ongoing permanent problems) but it is something that can be managed.  Please don't freak out about it.  My eyesight may become worse one day, but unlikely to go blind.  (Scary news huh?)  Just use caution.  Moderate contact lens use is not a problem okay - just in case you read this and freak out.  I have been wearing contacts for 20 years so you realise that this problem has had time to build.  Thank GOD I found out now before I had really stuffed up my eyes for good.  And no, I am not eligible for laser treatment either because I have damaged my corneas... see - scary ain't it?  Okay, enough moaning from me!!

Here is something I picked up during Christmas 2011... a long lusted after shade - Metallic Sage!

Estee lauder Metallic Sage - no flash, indirect sunlight
The formula of this polish was a bit streaky and thin.  It took 3 coats to build up this baby but of course, worth it!!  I think the without flash photos help a lot because I have noticed I look quite dark skinned in my photos but actually I may be a lot lighter than you might think!!

So, in light of my ongoing health issues (not just the eyes believe it not!) I may not be posting all that regularly.  I am expecting my STRANGEBEAUTIFUL polishes in the mail in the next week or so, look forward to that!




KarenD said...

Hope you get the health stuff sorted out soon! I've given up wearing contacts except for things like skiing, when I don't need to read or stare at a computer. Ah, aging.

Red lips, Black hair said...

Oh my goshhhh!! Gurl, your poor eyes! Trader Joe's Super Vision Eye supplements are great eye vitamins. My dad takes them and he really likes them.


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