Monday, February 27, 2012

NOTD - YSL Stormy Grey + Butter LONDON Knackered

 I haven't done a nail post in about a billion years so I thought I'd do this post of some babies I've been given as gifts.

The first is a fairly old polish (I think!) from YSL called Stormy Grey (no. 39).  Here tis without flash.  Due to my dresser now being white and my walls also being white, the lighting is better in my room now. I am quite delighted to be honest.

YSL No. 39 Stormy Grey
Here it is on my nails - excuse the short rather shocking look of the nails at the moment and focus on the colour.

YSL Stormy Grey - 2 coats + seche - without flash
You can see the shimmer in the polish in the bottle shot above.  It is truly lovely although it is (I think) a slightly lighter version of RBL Stormy.  It is a blue grey more than green grey.

Unfortunately I had an accident with my nails this morning resulting in a rather hideous chip.  I can't really blame the polish because I was (once again) using my nails as tools!  Bayyyd BV.  A friend of mine just gifted me a rather lovely bottle of polish today - I was so delighted I put a single coat over my YSL mani.  It is from Butter LONDON, amusingly titled Knackered.  I feel knackered most of the time so it was quite apt really.

YSL Stormy Grey + butter Knackered - no flash
Seriously though, Knackered is extremely sheer.  I left the chipped nail above so you can see how sheer it is over bare nail - I think this polish is only suitable for layering.  I don't think the picture above does justice to the polish because as you can see from the bottle, it is a duochrome with scattered holo particles. I would describe this as spaced out peacock... if you know what I mean.

Here it is with flash - you can see this NOTD needs light to make it glow....

Again, I don't think my pics are showing the true beauty of Knackered.  It is really wonderful indeed... Please note that I did not put top coat over this so it looks slightly rubbery... Awesome colour and thank you  to my friend who gifted me both colours!




KarenD said...

Both polishes look great--I almost bought Knackered the other day & expect it'll get into my stash at some point. I've never tried YSL polishes.

BV said...

Hi Karen

Yep, I haven't tried YSL before either. Good formula but nothing outstanding. I love Knackered though!


jkAustin said...

are you stillchecking comments and such on this blog?


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