Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Long time no post - Make Up For Ever - Highline Palette

 Hi Guys

Yep, I'm back, from outer space...

I was just in a very non-bloggy mood lately.  I think this was cemented by a some horrible comments made about a fellow blogger and I just felt like it was all rather depressing and not worth the effort.  Not that too much effort is made by me, but you know, I couldn't even be assed making a small effort!!  Sad.

But of course, my beauty addiction is as such that I got back into the mood again!  So - hello guys!!

I got a few new goodies over the Christmas period I wanted to share.  Elias Faas and Tom Ford amongst others.  More importantly I revamped my bedroom with a separate study desk and makeup area (these areas were becoming more and more fused as time went on and it look like a hoarder's nesting area!).  I also purchased 3 IKEA Helmer units for my polishes (don't worry, I've only filled 2 of them!) and while I am still revamping, my room feels so much better.  I can't stop admiring my handiwork actually which is pretty sad in itself.  I also threw away a whole heap of stuff so that felt liberating too.  YAY.

I'm so sorry about this but I wanted to catch up and do a post on some Make Up For Ever makeup I got during the Sephora FF sale in 2011.  It was originally $45 US but I guess I purchased it for about $35.  I actually wanted to get the MUFE Smokey Palette but unfortunately that sold out a billion years ago so I missed out. Although the Highline Palette has sold out now, I believe these colours are still part of the MUFE regular line up. Only the purple shadow is part of the "diamond shine" line (or whatever it is called).

These are actually the first MUFE eyeshadows I have purchased so it was great way to try out the brand's eyeshadows.  I can tell you I like these colours and the pigmentation of these are great.  Here's the palette - 4 regular sized eyeshadows.

MUFE Highline Palette with flash

Here are some swatches for you.

MUFE Highline Palette swatched on dry skin - with flash

 My EOTD using this palette and I believe Chanel's Illusoire as base. It looks pretty subtle (for me anyway!) all things considered.

While I am happy with this purchase, I will not necessarily be purchasing any MUFE palettes in future. I just feel like these colours are pretty dupable and while I love the whole "diamond shine" of the purple shadow, I have loads of other purples that are just as pretty.  It reminds me of Le Metier de Beaute's Penelope eyeshadow set, I don't know.  Am I getting too spoiled for choice lately?  Um...

I guess since I also have the UD 15th Anniversary Palette - I feel that palette is a better deal and only about $10 more.  I suppose that has gone the way of the dodo as well and is sold out..?  Um...

Okay guys, I will be posting more frequently in future with some interesting comments to make.  At the moment I am far more concerned with foundations, base and skin care at the moment.  I will be doing a big review on my Vichy products so stay tuned for that.




Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for the update and welcome back! Great eye look!

KarenD said...

Oh hai! Nice to see you again! :)

BV said...

Hi Jamilla and Karen

Nice to be back on the blogging train.



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