Saturday, December 3, 2011

Purple rain, purple rain... well, sort of

Hiddy ho beauty lovers

Yep, it is summer here in Oz and I'm getting back into my purples. For me it is one of the few colours I can wear without looking too OTT although my EOTD pics may slightly contradict this.  HA. Also, like Prince, purple is my favourite colour.  But before your doves start crying, let me get down to business.

I have used quite a few new products (or at least products I haven't really reviewed before) so here is what I used for my EOTD today.

I forgot to list in the picture below - tarte smouldereyes in violet.  (I purchased the tarte smouldereyes kit during Sephora's FF sale and I really love it!)  I also purchased the Shiseido shimmering eye cream as part of the FF sale.  Forgive typos.  I only noticed after I finished typing!  DOH.

Products used for EOTD - I also used UDPP which I forgot to take a picture of.
With flash
Same products as above - without flash.  I added this so you get a better idea of my actual skin tone and to show that these colours are not as shimmery as you might think..

With flash - it doesn't look quite as electric as this in real life - the flash is making everything a bit more Ziggy Stardust than it actually is.
I also purchased a few new palettes as part of my Sephora FF sale.  These are palettes I have been wanting all year (but not wanting to spring full price) and luckily I got pretty much everything I wanted.  I wanted to get the MUFE Smoky eye palette but this is completely sold out so I got the Highline palette instead.  I'm happy about this because the colours are gorgeous.

My Sephora FF goodies:
  • NARS Danmari palette
  • MUFE Highline palette
  • Sephora Moonshadow palettes (in the dark and in the nude)
  • UD 15th year anniversary palette

I am quite obsessed with baked makeup products at the moment (hence the Laura Geller and moonshadow palettes!).  Have you ever noticed though - all baked products appear to be made in Italy??  There must be some factory in Italy which has a complete monopoly on the manufacture of baked makeup!!  Strangeness.

Tom Ford eyeshadows are now available at David Jones in Sydney.  A friend of mine has already indulged (I asked her to bring them into work so I can check them out!) but I am staying away from the counter as I am on a no buy at the moment.  They are $100 AS each in case you wanted to know.


PS My nails are a sordid mess at the moment.  Stumpy nails, dead broken cuticles - it is very ugly so no NOTDs for a while.  I am expecting some new nail products in a few weeks so I will do a post then. Hopefully my nails will look a bit better.  I have ordered some China Glaze, Zoya, Nails Inc and Ciate!  Yay times!


Jamilla Camel said...

Lovely Colors!Tom Ford is gorgeous, but I think he can wail, lol!!

BV said...

At his prices, I don't think he will sell out in a hurry. Of course, I said that about Armani Eyes to Kill - a lot of colours sold out quickly here.

I actually can't wait to get some palettes! Hehehehe. The ones my friend purchased are 2 that I know you own from FOTDs. They are gorgeous I must admit.



KarenD said...

Aw, sorry to hear about your nails--hope they are better soon!

BV said...

Hi Karen

My nails are still hideous... but I am steadily growing them out and hopefully will get better soon.



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