Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lunasol eyeshadow - deep beige EOTD

 Yo yo yo

A quick post today.  I just wanted to show you my new Lunasol palette!  Yep, I have another Lunasol palette which I reviewed here.  I kinda went off Lunasol a bit after that.  It was enough to stop me from buying another palette anyway - I just thought it was too crumbly, washed out and too dupeable (is this a word?) for me to spring $$ for it.  As you know, Lunasol isn't cheap.

I purchased this palette a few months ago actually.  When the new Lunasol palette range was released, it got me interested in the brand again.  I chose the darkest colour palette (05 Deep Beige) and it looked so pigmented and shimmery - I just caved and purchased it.  I got it from Adam Beauty and I think it was around $60 US.

I really like it and I'm happy I purchased it!  While I am still wondering if it is worth $60, I think this whole 3 colours in one square thingie is a great idea.  I think Lunasol should have gotten rid of the white colour in the top left altogether - the colours look the same and way too glittery for my liking.  For this EOTD I only used colours from the bottom two colours.

I also used the newish MAC paintpot in Genuine Treasure.  I seriously LOVE some of the new MAC paintpots - I have got 4 newish ones lately and they have rekindled my love for the paintpot.  Unlike some of the other paintpots I own, these are darker and some of them, like this one, contain glittery pigments which do not fall out on your face later on in the day.  They aren't as good as the Chanel ones, but they are a pretty good substitute and worth checking out.  I also have a dark grey one with sliver glitter called For Effect which is available now - it is part of the MAC Christmas line.

I don't think Genuine Treasure is available anymore - it was from a few collections ago.  However, your local MAC may have stock and it will probably turn up at a CCO if you are lucky enough to have one in your area.

Enough blathering - let's get on with the pics.

Yep, I also used the tarte smouldereyes I got with my Sephora haul. The smouldereyes kit is a great deal - I'm so glad I got it during the sale.

A quick EOTD.  Sorry I didn't take more pictures - it looked okay in pictures but it is look a bit scary below!  This was taken about 8 hours of wear and as you can see the foundation looks a bit melty (summer here now) but the eyes have held out okay.  That liner looks patchy though.  Um.. 

I might actually do a quick post on the new MAC paintpots I purchased recently.  While I am not buying many MAC products anymore, the ones I purchased this year have inspired great love in me!

AND unlike Jill Stuart, these Lunasol colours are glittery (fine glitter/shimmer) and are not prone to fall out.  I am really happy I got this!



Girlie Blogger said...

Gorgeous makeup. Love the smokey look.


Jamilla Camel said...

Your eyes look mezmerizing! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blo!!

birkinbagbeauty said...

I love the shimmery lumincence on your EOTD. I think this palette is in my XMas set of Lunasol this year: they are quite pigmented!

galpal.hi said...

Lovely EOTD! I had been looking at this new palette collection, can't remember which color combo I wanted to get--maybe #3 or was it this one? I decided not to get it though but after seeing your EOTD, maybe it's worth considering again.


KarenD said...

Very nice!

MakeupForView said...

Great post and love the look on you ! Come check out my blog if you like it, please follow and I will follow back :) Thanks a lot !

Lisa <3

BV said...

Hi Guys - thank you for lovely comments!

Jamilla - I totally went off blogging for a while because I started wondering what it was all about really... but I think I may have gotten my mojo back! LOLz.



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