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Make Up For Ever - Face and Body Foundation

I'd like to start this post, rather enigmatically, with the following question:

Have you ever seen a picture of Jennifer Aniston pale?

To refresh your memory - here is a picture of the lady in question...

No - right? I for one cannot remember a time when Jennifer Aniston was pale. Maybe very early pictures of her pre-Friends or early Friends - but certainly not recently. Why?

Let me tell you something ladies - being tanned makes you look younger. No - seriously!

It helps hide fine lines, gives an even tone to your skin AND covers slight pigmentation (like age spots!) beautifully. The trick is - not to go TOO TAN. Don't stray too far from your own skintone (think 2-3 shades darker) and for the love of all things good - don't go into the realm of the tangerine and become orange. Seriously unflattering.

NOTE: As soon as I posted this I realised that this may sound as though I endorse tanning using the sun's rays. Sweet holy moly do not do this!!!!!!!!! Sun damage causes wrinkles and age spots. - not to mention skin cancer! I know that sounds stupid coming from me (a smoker!) but this is really is devastating to your skin. You will note that some of these serial sun bakers will have an old leathery look to their skin. You most definitely do not want this!! If you want to look tan go the fake way - either using slightly darker foundation or a good fake tanning product! Again, beware the orange glow - don't take it too far.

This leads to the review of the product in question - Make Up For Ever's Face and Body Foundation. My brother purchased this for me in Sephora last week.

Cost? $38 US for 50 mls of product

Sephora/MUFE claims:

"The secret is all in this top-selling formula. This waterproof, ultra-light, water-based gel contains no emulsifiers and provides a totally natural, satin finish. Ideal for normal skin-types as well as for fine lines and large pores. Gives skin a uniform tone without accentuating imperfections. A makeup artist's favorite."

Well, based on the crappola online swatches BV asked her brother to buy her Honey Beige 34 which is described as "medium skin with beige undertones". The only other colour that I thought I might be was Alabaster Beige for light skin with yellow undertones. HOWEVER, I was reluctant to buy a product with the world "alabaster" in it. Not only did it remind me of fainting heroines from historical romances, it seemed way too pale for me. With hindsight (a beautiful thing which is rarely helpful) I should have purchased the Alabaster Beige cos Honey Beige is way too dark.

By way of comparison (and for colour referencing for those keen to purchase) my mother is now Back to MACing her old MAC Face and Body Foundation in C3. She's had this for about 3 years and there is TONS of product left. When I buy MAC's Face and Body - my colour is C2. C2 is really a perfect match for me, as noted in previous posts, my mother is about a shade or so darker than moi. MUFE's Honey Beige is darker than MAC's C3 which is why it is rather dark for my NC25-NC30 skin.

Australian ladies:

MAC Face and Body can be purchased at MAC Pro Stores and MAC online for $60 Australian - but retails for $32 US in the States. MUFE can also be purchased at Media Makeup (online Australian store) for $60 Australian. The big difference is the SIZE of the product. MAC's Face and Body is 120mls of product - more than double that of MUFE.

Here's an initial swatch. As you can see, C3 is much more yellow toned while MUFE has distinct red (beige) undertone. There is a clear difference in the texture of the two products.

MAC is an extremely runny product. MUFE has a wet moouse texture. It is really unique texture - I've never come across it before.

More swatches. I'd say my hand is about NC30 or nearing NC 35 at the moment. (It is currently 35 degrees during the daytime in Sydney and I am super tan!!)

Do you see what I mean by wet moouse? See the product in the bottle below. The product kind of separates from the bottle because of this consistency. You will also note how dark the swatch is on my hand below in the far left.

The important factor for both the MAC and the MUFE product is the waterproof formula. I purchased the MAC Face and Body for a trip to Bali one year because Bali has very hot tropical weather. The humidity and sweat factor on the face is unbelievable. It was probably equal to my experience of the Japanese summer if that helps you. If you use normal foundation in this climate your face will look melty and weird. That's my experience anyway and I did not fancy it.


MUFE product is clearly too dark for me. I wish I had gotten the Alabaster Beige + this colour to make my own perfect shade. I quite often buy two foundations for this express reason! BUT it isn't too depressing because:

1. Going slightly darker will hide pale brown blemishes on the skin ie age spots and fading acne marks. It does make your skin look younger + like you've just come back from Hawaii - see above comments re: Jennifer Aniston. Nice.

2. This product is SHEER so it is very forgiving. This means I don't suddenly look like George Hamilton the King of Tan - I just look like a darker version of me! Plus since my arms are so tanned, I just spread a bit of this on my neck and presto - it works okay. I note I won't be able to wear this in winter but life's like that!

3. This formula really really sticks to the skin!! I went out today walking around for about 3 hours. It was 35 degrees today and I was sweating up a storm. I came home and my face looked fine. My under eye liner looked a bit smeary but that's the eyeliner's fault. The foundation was still there - I do believe I could swim in this product!!

In my view the waterproof formula of MUFE FAR EXCEEDS that of the MAC product. I really like it. If you want a natural look (no make up) try this. If you have a ton of blemishes then use a slightly darker shade to help remove this. If you are unfamiliar with the finish of each of these products (both MAC and MUFE) they really adhere to the skin. It goes on with a distinct sheen so you should powder to set this foundation. As it is waterproof, be sure to carefully remove the product as it could cause clogged pores if you leave it in overnight. You have been warned!

Final Verdict = 4.5/5

I did think about giving it a 4 because it is too dark but that's not really MUFE's fault. Hang on maybe it is because they put such crappy online swatches - I dunno.

It is a lot more expensive than the MAC product. If you were thinking of using this on your face, neck, arms and legs (it looks good on those areas btw!) then definitely buy the MAC product cos 120mls will LAST and is the more affordable option. I find that it doesn't cover as well as the MUFE product which is slightly less sheer than the MAC product.

IMO this product far exceeds that of MAC's Face and Body equivalent product and is worth the extra price.

Hope you have found this useful.



mandy said...

Thank you for the review! I think I might try these. I'm kind of almost ready to give up my search of the right BB Cream. Would this or the MAC one be good for oily skin type?

BV said...

Hi Mandy - I have oily skin too and it still works on me. It does have a distinct sheen to it. It is lightweight but it will clog your pores if you leave it on too long or do not exfoliate properly.

I read your post earlier today and did a Part 2 of this foundation to show how it covers up my rather hideous acne marks and brown spots.

If you can, go to MAC Pro store and try a sample first. It sticks to your skin and while I really like it - the look and feel may not be something you enjoy.

Hope this helps

Ann Breezy said...

So you prefer MUFE over MAC?

cjx3pooh said...

If I'm an NC20 should I get C2 or C1?

BV said...

Hi cjx3pooh

If you are NC20 I think C1 would be okay for you. Please bear in mind the MAC face and body is super sheer so depending on whether you enjoy looking pale or tan, go with that.

I'm about a NC30 at the moment and C2 works well.

Hope this helps

BV said...

Hi Ann

I prefer MUFE formulation myself. It is however more exxy and a bit more difficult to get.



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